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Nutritional Therapy 


Achieve health through proper nutrition

The importance of good nutrition for the development and maintenance of a healthy body and mind is understood at Abundant Health Wellness Center. Our dietetics department is led by Dana West, R.D., the founder of the “Start A New You” program and all its resources for helping you find your best health. With her deep knowledge of nutrients and foods that provide the best nourishment, she will work with your likes and dislikes to develop a personalized scientifically proven way of eating that will promote wellness, reverse disease, and prevent illness.


The following conditions/goals can be successfully managed with a proper diet including but not limited to:
Weight loss
Weight gain
Chronic diseases
Allergies and food sensitivities
Athletic performance
Vegetarians and vegans
Picky kids
Healthy eating overall

A consultation with our dietitian is among your first recommended steps to your best health!

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